Apr 10, 2024

3 country ETFs that are outpacing the Nasdaq rally

It is easy to think that Nasdaq, and the whole US, have been the strongest markets. But looking outside the US, we will find three other country ETFs that have outperformed QQQ, and in two of the cases, at lower risk....

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  Mar 30, 2024

As analysts are getting more negative, only two sectors have enjoyed general upgrades in the past month

Wall Street analysts have turned more negative in their ratings revisions in the past month, now less bullish on 9 of the 11 sectors in the S&P500. Only two sectors have enjoyed an increased share of Buy ratings in the past month....

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  Mar 20, 2024

Where Investors expect the best performance in the next 12 months

With BofA's Fund Managers Survey showing managers taking higher than normal risk, we now see a rotation into Europe, Value and High Grade and Small Caps....

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  Mar 19, 2024

ETF Performance Review: The Triumph of Tech and the Decline of Sustainability

Major themes such as Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Fintech have yielded significant returns, while former favorites like battery technology and renewables have fallen short of expectations....

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